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Sustainable Transportation

Accelerating the adoption of zero-emission vehicles and low-carbon mobility options. 

Electric Vehicles

EV Charging Station Locator

More EVs on the road means fewer gasoline-burning cars, which can significantly lower our transportation emissions and improve local air quality. The Town of Shrewsbury is leading the transition to electric vehicles and is working to install EV charging locations at all municipal buildings.

Use the Station Locator to find an EV charging station near you. To filter by your vehicle's plug type, go to for advanced filtering options. You can even plan your trip if you create an account!

Electric vehicle charging stations

Bike racks

Example of covered bike parking

Example of e-bike charging infrastructure

Example of showers in a municipal building

Low-Carbon Mobility

Employee Commutes

Since commuting by the Town's staff accounts for 30% of municipal GHG emissions, supporting EV infrastructure and low-carbon commuting options for Town staff is essential to reducing emissions.

In addition to increasing employee access to EV charging stations, the Town can improve multimodal infrastructure to promote walking, biking, carpooling, and other modes of transportation. For example, the Town can take action by identifying locations to install covered bicycle parking, showers, and other appropriate facilities (e.g., charging stations for e-bikes) to support low-carbon commutes.

What You Can Do

Move Around Town Sustainably

Find an EV charger and plan your trip
Explore local incentives for electric vehicles
Walk or bike on Shrewsbury's trails